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Why a Rotunda Outdoor Classroom?

The Rotunda is a great extension to your existing school and has more in common with the natural landscape and the trees surrounding it than a traditional bricks and mortar building. There are multiple reasons why a Rotunda is beneficial to your school:

  • It looks great – The Rotunda sits beautifully in a rural setting
  • It’s filled with natural light – The Rotunda is a light-filled, inspiring environment and provides wonderful light even on a gloomy day
  • You’re indoors, outdoors! – Most people would agree that providing children with a natural setting is hugely beneficial
  • Celebration of a unique shape – The Rotunda provides a unique place to learn with its circular form exciting and uplifting for children
  • Natural resources and education – Children learn first-hand what can be built from natural resources. From the rough-sawn British cladding wrapping the exterior to the exposes timbers in the roof, it’s made from 100% British timber.
  • Encourages passion for the natural world – On a practical level, features such as the natural, green, sedum roof encourages insects and bees
  • Energy saving – The circular footprint is the most energy efficient
  • Cost efficient – The Rotunda is much more affordable than a brick-built extension
  • Flexibility – The Rotunda classroom can be installed in as little as 10 days! It can be operational and lease returned after 5-10 years.


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For those of us who are passionate about natural design principles and architecturally designed eco-buildings for schools; there is tangible value in structures which promote outdoor learning and educational play and help re-connect pupils with nature.

The Rotunda Roundhouse is one of the most forward thinking structures available in the Modular Building sector, the double glazed rooflight dome maximising natural light, the floorplan encourages connection and communication and the building itself providing access to the outdoors and views of the surrounding landscape.

The Rotunda modular building is built in segments and your school buildings can be adapted and extended retrospectively.  We routinely fit these buildings with Sedum Roofs, Air source heat pumps, Combi Gas boilers (LPG), Underfloor and skirting board heating systems.  The Rotunda costs little as £1200 per square metre which is well below what some of the more rectilinear counterparts in this industry would charge for the privilege of their brand and this alone.


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Why round? Don’t just take our word for it…

Researchers, psychologists and sociologists have been studying the effect of seating arrangements and classroom configuration to gauge the effects on learning and communication and have discovered an unequivocal link between the circular form and positive pupil behaviour. Of course, it’s logical to us and most probably to you too, but don’t take our word for it – please contact us if you’d like a PDF Copy of any of the below research papers.


“Students asked their teachers significantly more questions when they were seated in a semi-circle than in rows.”

– Marx, Furher and Hartig: Effects of classroom seating arrangements on children’s question-asking investigating the relationship between seating arrangements and the question-asking patterns of ten year olds.


“Circular seating arrangements can help instil a sense of belonging within classroom communities with overall positive effects on learning, emotions, and well-being.”

– Circular seating arrangements: Approaching the social crux in language classrooms – Joseph Falout  Nihon University, Japan

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