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Leisure Roundhouses

The Adventure Begins Here!

Introduce your guests to the beauty of living in the roundness. The Rotunda is one of the most unique lodges on the market, it offers a creative solution for your commercial or leisure expansion giving unique, all year round accommodation. You are guaranteed to create a magical experience that your customers won’t forget!

The Rotunda is constructed off-site with installation taking as little as 5-10 days depending on the complexity of your build. We ensure minimal disturbance to your business and make the process as quick and hassle free as possible. These magnificent buildings are supplied with full electrics ready to be connected to your mains supply and are assembled by our skilled carpenters.

Each round building can be extended, connected and adapted to create congregations perfectly suited to your project and requirements.

Getting Back to Nature

Rotunda design and build contemporary roundhouses for modern civilisation. Their inspiration is taken from the lifestyle of our ancestors who set up homes in caves, valleys, yurts, ti-pis, thatched wattle Roundhouses and Wigwams. We want to take people back to nature and embrace the round way of living. Look at the species we share this planet with, they habitat in dens, nest and burrows interwoven with organic matter. It’s time to merge the contemporary era with a simpler way of living.


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